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KBAC Flooring’s professionalism and expertise have brought inspiring flooring to South African homes, corporate offices and the hospitality market, offering top quality flooring including niche products from global to local leaders in the flooring industry. All our products are supplied and installed by professionally-trained KBAC staff, which has resulted in KBAC being the flooring contractor of choice.

Natural Fibre Carpeting

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Natural Fibre Carpeting

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Sisal is a natural fibre extracted from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, which is a strong, green, spiky succulent plant and grows in both sub tropical and dry climates.  The leaves are harvested and washed, the fibres are then cleaned and sun dried.  Fibres are then finished, treated, spun and finally woven.  Sisal is an excellent eco-flooring option – it is a sustainable resource and is grown using minimal pesticides and herbicides. Sisal is a high end flooring, idea for all areas of the home. Sisal rugs with a choice of acrylic or leather edging can enhance all settings and is perfect over hard floor surfaces.


Coir is an ecologically-friendly solution for busy spaces – whether it is a home or a light commercial setting. Its unique properties mean that it is more than able to withstand the demands of modern life while its sustainable growing cycle means that, with care, coir flooring can be made from the same coconut tree for years and years to come.


As its name implies, it is a grass. It is grown in paddy fields of China and Vietnam. During part of the growing season the fields are flooded with seawater, hence the name Seagrass.  After harvesting and drying the Seagrass is spun into a strong yarn suitable for weaving. Due to its impermeability it is hard to dye, so most products are natural in colour.  Seagrass is an idea all rounder and works especially well in high traffic areas.  It is stain resistant as it has low absorption properties.


Hemp has been produced for thousands of years as a source of fibre. The Natural fibre from the hemp stalk is extremely durable. It is offered in two warming colours of gold and silver. Hemp offers the natural allure of flooring with its character and ability to never look dull.

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