Danish flooring producer, Ege Carpets, has launched its ReForm “A New Wave” collection – a stunning new range that reflects natural textures, and the shifting shapes and stunning scenery of the rough Scandinavian coastline. 

The sole South African distributor of Ege products is KBAC Flooring which has more than 50 years of experience in the local flooring industry both as supplier and installer. 

Ege’s “Re-Form – A New Wave” collection – with its delicate largescale patterns – sensually reaches the designer and consumer by stylishly depicting the feel of nature with the patterns of the sand, the strict lines of the grass dunes, and the rhythm of the waves washing in on the shore. The collection is the brainchild of up-and-coming Danish designers, Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blæhr, from Séché Studio, who drew on childhood memories of the coastline to create the range of organic and textured carpets. 

In “ReForm – A New Wave”, the tactile landscape is brought to flooring with three sensuous designs: “Sand”, “Grass” and “Ocean”, all formed by multi-levels yarn layers in a soft construction. Crafted to suit any interior project “Sand”, “Grass” and “Ocean” are available in seven earthy tones inspired by the coastal colour scheme. All are produced as broadloom and rugs with “Grass” also provided as 48x48cm and 96×96’ cm carpet tiles to make “ReForm – A New Wave” the perfect choice for any interior setting.

The new range, in line with Ege’s ReForm environmental policy, has a sustainable source. Abandoned fishing nets are collected and cleaned to be reused as the hardwearing ECONYL® yarn that makes up the multi-dimensional carpet construction. In this way, the collection actively protects sea life by finding meaningful purposes for the drifting nets that account for 10% of the waste in the ocean. 

Moreover, used PET bottles are recycled into Ege’s patented Ecotrust backing that comes as a standard feature with all carpet tiles from the producer. An innovative production technique turns the bottles into a soft, yet strong, felt material with great acoustic performance. 

Founded in 1938 and consistently using the most advanced technology in the industry, Ege Carpets has developed into one of Europe’s leading carpet companies. 


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