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KBAC Flooring’s professionalism and expertise have brought inspiring flooring to South African homes, corporate offices and the hospitality market, offering top quality flooring including niche products from global to local leaders in the flooring industry. All our products are supplied and installed by professionally-trained KBAC staff, which has resulted in KBAC being the flooring contractor of choice.

Raised Flooring

KBAC Flooring has a wide variety of raised flooring solutions sourced from multiple class leading local and international suppliers. With over 50 years in the industry, KBAC Flooring can ensure that our clients receive the correct raised floor for the application at hand. We ensure that the marriage between the raised floor and floor coverings are best suited to the overall design and application requirements.

Raised Flooring and its benefits

A raised floor system is an elevated structural floor which allows the client to utilise the void under the desired floor finish for the articulation of various services. A raised floor system can be provided in various designs from a modular access floor system, raised external raised paving solutions or raised engineered timber. These raised flooring systems can accommodate required heights from 50mm to over 1.5m and ensure a level final finish irrespective of the undulations of the subfloor.

The installation of a raised flooring system dramatically improves the versatility of an area by allowing the client to utilise the void beneath the raised floor system for the installation of various services from insulation, electrical and data cabling, air-conditioning as well as the collection of grey water in external applications.

There are considerable economic and environmental benefits by integrating the use of the above-mentioned services under a raised floor solution that conventional construction methods struggle to achieve.

Types of Raised Flooring Solutions

Modular Raised Access Flooring

Our modular 600mm x 600mm panel raised access flooring systems results in an incredibly flexible working environment allowing for the underfloor services to be accessible throughout the floor space. Preinstalled grommet holes can be relocated quickly and efficiently lowering the cost of corporate churns. Modular raised access floor systems can accommodate most floor finishes including carpeting, vinyl, anti-static high-pressure laminate and ceramics.

We offer a wide variety of modular raised access flooring systems from our various suppliers:

Supertec one of the leading local suppliers who supply several class leading cementitious access flooring products including the fully multifunctional Solid Lock access floor system which caters for every possible flooring combination without requiring differing components.

One of the largest raised access flooring manufactures in the world and provide a timber core steel encapsulated panel that provides and incredibly flat surface onto which countless floor finishes can be seamlessly installed.

Acoustic & Sports Flooring

The installation of this recycled rubber, versatile and environmentally friendly acoustic cradle system can provide an extensive range of finish floor heights which enables the system to accommodate underfloor services while offering extremely high standards of acoustic performance.

The system is also ideal for all indoor sports flooring when combined with sports wood and sheet flooring. This lose lay system does not require any adhesive or mechanical fixing to the existing substructure and allows for rapid onsite levelling that eliminates any unevenness in the existing floor.

External Paving Solution

Utilising the same recycled rubber cradle system and timber or aluminium battens this system allows for either rectified cement or porcelain pavers to be installed directly over waterproofing membranes. The system allows for the pavers to sit side-by-side without the requirement for mortar. adhesive or grouting.

The cradles provide a level surface and allows for services to be concealed beneath the flooring. The small 5mm gap between the pavers allows for the water to rapidly disperse into drainage under the floor. This encourages air circulation extending the life of the waterproofing. The system also allows for the collection of grey water to be recycled.

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