Standard Terms & Conditions

1. General

Whilst all due care and diligence will be exercised during the installation process, we cannot be held responsible for accidental damage to electrical appliances and associated fittings, furnishings, skirting, doors or walls.

2. Underfloor Pipes

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused to under-floor water or electrical pipes or wires unless they are pointed out to us prior to installation of flooring.

3. Moving of Furniture & Appliances

We can assist in the moving of minor furniture at the risk of the client however any furniture or appliances that need to be dissembled, taken apart or disconnected from water and or electricity supply will need to be done so by yourself prior to our arrival.  Whilst every care will be taken in the moving of furniture, we cannot be held liable for any damaged thereto.  Any delays due to moving of furniture or from other trades occupying space on site that was not disclosed to us prior to our arrival, that results in our labour not being able to finish as scheduled will be charged for accordingly.

4. Valuables

It is recommended that all valuables and smaller items are removed prior to our carrying out the installation as we will not entertain claims for loss of such items after we have left site.

5. Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee of 25% will be charged should a confirmed order be cancelled or should we be required to return material already ordered, on the provision that the factory will accept the return. Should the factory not be prepared to take back the stock as ordered then the full 70% deposit will be non-refundable.  Should an order of a special import product be cancelled the full 70% deposit will be forfeited.

6. Cutting of doors

We are not carpenters and therefore will only attempt to cut standard timber doors – this at a nominal charge.  Metal doors, hollow core doors or any “special” finish doors must be cut by specialists.

7. Skirting’s

When installing carpets it is necessary to bolster against skirting’s and cupboard baseboards.  Whilst all necessary care will be taken we cannot be held responsible for any damage or scratching which may occur during this process.

8. Ceramic Tiles

Every effort will be made to avoid damage to ceramic tiles where they adjoin new carpeting.  We cannot however be held responsible for any cracking that may occur to the tiles during the carpet installation.

9. Medicals & Access

Any further costs and/or time delays due to medicals inductions and or site access will be charged for accordingly. (All our fitters have valid medical certificates, should these not be acceptable and different medicals required this will be at an additional cost).

10. Working hours

Work based on normal working hours during weekdays, unless otherwise stated.

11. Extra’s

No additional floor preparation, protection after installation or accessories have been included in the above prices apart from where stated.

12. Availability

Prices are based on the assumption that all material necessary for the completion of this contract will be readily available when required in accordance with the programme for the works

13. Banking Details

Johannesburg Branch

KBAC Flooring Pty Ltd

FNB Parktown,

Branch Code: 250455

Account No: 58810044594

Cape Town Branch

KBAC Flooring Pty Ltd

FNB Portside

Branch Code: 21 06 51

Account No: 62306258866