Following a decision by the shareholders of Bates Access Flooring (BAF) to wind down operations, KBAC Flooring will now along with its extensive product line also focus on the direct sales of access flooring.

The access flooring Head of Department for KBAC Flooring is a former director of Bates Access Flooring, Guy Park, who has had 12 years’ experience in access flooring. He says KBAC Flooring has had a long history in providing various types of access flooring in the SA market so, with the winding up of BAF, KBAC can now offer this service going forward. Clients of KBAC Flooring – which is currently in its 50th year of operations – will benefit from the provision of a full turnkey flooring package. 

Guy explains: “We can ensure that the entire flooring package will be totally compatible all installation teams across divisions can work together onsite and communicate potential issues more efficiently to speed up installation.” 

He says KBAC Flooring is renowned for exceptional service, extensive product knowledge, and top-quality products and installations. This passion for perfection is also the philosophy of the access flooring division which has among its suppliers:

Supertec Ceiling and Boards, a highly respected brand name that has been installed throughout the country and beyond our borders; and

* UK-based producer, Kingspan, a global leader in environmentally-friendly access flooring, which offers cutting-edge technology in ranges such as the acclaimed top-end Tate brand.

A Kingspan installation with a section revealing how access flooring can hide multiple service connections for offices.

Guy says KBAC Flooring wants to work in close cooperation with designers and architects to remove all misconceptions about access flooring. “We would like designers to realise that raised access flooring does not limit their floor covering options, and point out that access flooring is much more than just a ‘raised platform’. Specifiers should also know that various products have very different attributes and design features that affect long-term flexibility and durability.”

“Increased collaboration with designers on a project-by-project basis will mean that KBAC Flooring can provide a product solution that best suits any client’s needs drawing from our wide range of raised access flooring for server rooms, data centres, general office environments or sports facilities’ raised flooring,” he adds. 

Guy Park (centre), the new HOD KBAC Access Flooring, receives good wishes from his brother, Brandon (right), CEO of KBAC Flooring; and his father, Graham Park, former chairman of KBAC Flooring. 

Want to know more about access flooring and how KBAC Flooring can assist you? Click HERE to contact Guy directly.

Written by Jan de Beer


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