Leading Swedish flooring producer, Bolon, has substantially improved the acoustics of its woven nylon tiles which now absorb up to 15% of all airborne sounds and noise.

KBAC Flooring is the sole Southern African distributor of Bolon flooring.  

The innovative improvement of Bolon tiles’ sound insulating performance has been achieved by the addition of an insulation felt layer to reduce noise and sound impact by up to 21 to 22 dB. The insulation layer gives the acoustic flooring a total thickness of 5mm which makes it ideal to combine with other (non-acoustic) textile floors.

Sound insulation is an essential feature in buildings as it prevents transmission of sound disturbances in offices or adjacent space. This is extra relevant in hotels and offices, hallways and above conference rooms. Bolon’s already soft floor is now even softer to walk on and gives the environment a greater holistic experience. 

Sustainability has always been important for Bolon products so the new acoustic flooring tiles are made from recycled industrial waste and used plastic bottles. The sound insulation layer consists of 90% recycled polyester fibres which are sourced from PET-bottles. Together with the industrial waste used in the bottom backing layer, the total percentage of recycled material is higher than 25%. And, as in all Bolon flooring, the production process is 100% climate neutral through the use of renewable energy.

Bolon’s new acoustic tiles’ breakdown is: 

1. A weave layer consisting of vinyl warp and weft yarns, tightly woven together.

2. An upper backing layer to give the flooring fire-protective properties.

3. The middle backing layer consisting of glass fibre to give flooring dimension and stability.

4. The bottom backing layer, containing recycled waste material.

5. The sound insulation layer, comprising a felt material that helps to reduce sound and noise transmission. 

As the felt construction of the insulation layer is added to the impervious backing layer, the acoustic flooring tiles has the same water-resistant qualities as the rest of Bolon’s flooring solutions.

The Bolon acoustic tiles are available as an option in addition to the company’s regular production range.  


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