Leading global modular flooring producer, Interface, whose products are exclusively distributed in South Africa by KBAC Flooring, has completed a “colour refreshment” for its popular economic Yuton patterned level loop pile carpet tiles. 

The affordable Yuton range consists of a collection of three products:

* Yuton 104 – which has a subtle geometric design; 

* Yuton 105 – with a versatile linear design; and 

* Yuton 106 – features an organic and irregular pattern. 

Each of the three Yuton products has eight colour variations – all shades of grey.  Although aesthetically understated, the colourways can bring classy flooring to a wide range of interior projects with their muted palette of warm and cool greys which can be contrasted with more bold products from the Interface flooring portfolio. 

Yuton’s exceptional variety of patterns and designs provide limitless possibilities for designers, particularly those working with a limited budget. Installation can be either ashlar, quarter-turn or non-directional – the latter saving time and wastage during installation while also making maintenance easy. 

Described as “stylish yet simple”, Interface Yuton is a hard-wearing carpet range with tufted patterned structured loop pile made from 100% nylon. Nylon is renowned as a very strong fibre which stands up exceptionally well to abrasion, is also highly resilient, and has strong texture retention to maintain its original appearance. For added stability, Yuton tiles’ Graphlex backing – made from a carbon-polymerised composite with a layer of fibreglass – guarantees maximum flatness and the capacity to handle the movement of castor chairs as well as underfloor heating systems. Carrying a 15-year warranty, durable Yuton tiles are ideal for intensive commercial applications that will look smart – and perform even smarter. 

Yuton carpet tiles are carbon neutral throughout their full product life cycle achieved by Interface’s acclaimed Carbon Neutral Floors Programme. Since 1996, Interface has reduced the embodied carbon footprint of its carpet tile product by 74% by changing design, recycled materials, dematerialisation and improved manufacturing efficiencies. The company’s unique Carbon Neutral Floors programme compensates for unavoidable carbon offsets from renewable energy, fuel switching and reforestation projects.

Now boasting an inspired colour facelift, Yuton carpet tiles will become even more of a designers’ dream solution to keep clients happy by staying within budget and yet helping to provide a high-end appearance to large offices or public spaces. 


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