Ege Carpets wins award for sustainable product for the construction industry

Dorthe Aaboe Kallestrup, CSR Manager & Henrik Schmidt Hansen, Group CSR Director

With the recently presented Circularity City Product Award, Ege Carpets cements its position as one of the world’s most sustainable carpet manufacturers. At the German construction industry trade fair NordBAU in Neumünster, CSR Manager Dorthe Aaboe Kallestrup demonstrated how one of the company’s best-selling products, the carpet tile collection ReForm Memory Ecotrust, is a completely sustainable material choice for new construction as well as for renovations. EIT Climate-KIC and Circularity City were behind the competition aimed at German and Nordic companies. The finale took place on 12 September 2019, where the 6 finalists delivered well- prepared presentations for their own sustainable products.

The jury particularly expressed enthusiasm for the fact that Ege Carpets has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 53% since 2007, and also highlighted the major commercial potential of the winning product. In addition, the jury was impressed with the circular resource approach in production and the after-use phase of ReForm Memory Ecotrust.

ReForm Memory Ecotrust – the sustainable carpet tile

ReForm Memory Ecotrust consists of a tile face and a backing. The tile face is crafted from ECONYL® yarn, which is both regenerated and regenerable. The fact that the yarn is regenerated means that it is manufactured from industrial waste such as fishing nets that are collected from the oceans and transformed into new nylon products, such as carpet yarn. The fact that the yarn is regenerable means that in the last phase of the product lifecycle, the tile face can be collected and transformed into new nylon products. This will result in a closed circle in which the nylon can be incorporated into new products over and over again.

ReForm Memory Ecotrust is equipped with Ege Carpets’ patented Ecotrust backing, made from used water bottles, which are transformed into a soft but highly durable felt material. In addition to its sustainable properties, the backing also contributes effective sound absorption and increased walking comfort.

*Adapted from an ege carpets press release.


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