Ege’s ReForm collections boast impressive ‘green’ credentials

A relatively new yet already very proven member of the Danish producer Ege’s flooring portfolio, the ReForm range has been specified for a wide range of airports, hotels, universities and stores all over the world. Appealing to a variety of segments both aesthetically and functionally, Ege’s ReForm – which is available as tiles and broadloom carpet – has a wide range of applications.

KBAC Flooring, in its 50th year of operations, is the sole South African distributor of Ege.

The yarn used for ReForm is ultra-sustainable being obtained from discarded fishing nets and other industrial nylon waste that is regenerated as durable carpet yarns. The yarn is regenerable because after use it can be broken down to its original chemical components and recycled as a new nylon product.

All Ege’s ReForm carpet tiles are fitted with the company’s patented Ecotrust backing for which used water bottles are converted into a soft but durable felt that benefits acoustics, comfort levels – and the environment.

Many of the ReForm collections are characterised by a multilevel carpet structure. The surface is designed in different layers so the appearances of the collections are defined not only by colour and form in the pattern but also by the texture of the design. The varying heights and compositions of the loop pile result in a strong visual effect and a richness of detail that emphasise the carpet’s pattern in an extra dimension. The Artworks, Legend, Memory and Terra collections all feature this 3D effect, whereas Foss alternatively offers a plain structure at a very budget-friendly price because of the low yarn spend.

Most of the ReForm ranges have been developed as carpet tile collections but are available as either carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpets. However, in evolving the ReForm concept, Ege focused particularly on carpet tiles because of their suitability for use in modern and flexible office environments. Carpet tiles permit easiest access to the underlying floor – a distinct advantage for repairs or new installations.  But ReForm flooring has also been successfully fitted in hotels and educational institutions where their “green” credentials, flexibility, multidimensional texture and appearance make a great impact on the design.

While the overall ReForm concept has a discreet and understated well-suited to a minimalist office landscape, the collections are also available in fresh, bright colours that can stand vibrantly alone or in appealing contrast to classic shades.


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