Flexibility of new Ege tiles and planks collection ideal for today’s office

The flexibility of carpet tiles and planks allows designers to experiment with different spatial options – a capacity which is most important in the Covid-19 office environment. Tiles and planks can help define areas such as meeting points, activity or quiet zones, way-finding design, and how to use flooring creatively to demarcate social distancing.

KBAC Flooring can now supply Ege’s new Highline Express Tile Collection which takes flexibility in flooring to a higher level.

The new range from the respected Danish producer is designed to optimise office space, functionality and to meet the needs and aspirations of employees, with design options that bring emotions and senses into play while promoting flexible workspaces.

The new Ege collection aims to create comfortable spaces where people want to go….rather than have to. With flooring more important than ever in the architectural and interior design process, tiles and planks have established themselves as relevant, useful and inspirational materials, imparting significant impact on the office of today – and tomorrow.

All Highline Express designs are available in square 48×48 cm and 96×96 cm tiles and with the addition of the rectangular 24×96 cm plank, there is scope to combine these three options to create unique flooring. Carefully selected, all patterns and colours work beautifully together – in any size combination.

The new tile and plank concept allows for stunning looks to be achieved depending on the installation style. The monolithic version of each design mimics the look of broadloom, but if you choose quarter-turn instalment, pattern and pile direction creates a completely new expression. The monolithic style is suitable for planks, with ashlar and ashlar random the most common types.

The new Ege tiles and planks range provides a plethora of options, ideas and inspiration and thanks to Ege’s advanced production technology, it’s easy and quick to recolour a standard design.

The Highline Express Tile Collection offers many standard designs that can be recoloured and produced in one of six different cut or loop qualities ranging from 440 to 1400 g/m2 in regenerated Econyl polyamide, virgin polyamide, or 80/20 New Zealand wool/nylon blend. Ege uses its own  blend of NZ wool that’s renowned for outstanding quality and excellence when it comes to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Ege’s Highline Express flooring is made with Econyl yarn derived from abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste. Combined with Ege’s patented Ecotrust tile backing, produced from old plastic bottles, sustainability is guaranteed for your next project.


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