KBAC Flooring’s Raised Flooring division now has the capacity to provide a unique form of “green” raised flooring which uses rubber crumb cradles made from recycled truck and car tyres. 

In addition to rubber crumb cradles, the KBAC Raised Flooring’s InstaCradle system employs cradle packers, timber battens overlaid with chipboard, plywood or hardwood to form the prime component in creating high performance acoustic and sports floors which can accommodate a variety of floor coverings – both internally and externally.

Installation of the rubber crumb cradles – which have a 60-year guarantee – is simple and cost-effective. They are loose laid and do not require fixing to sub-floor and be adjusted to suit varying finished floor heights. Levelling on-site copes with uneven floors so no levelling screeds and subsequent delaying concrete drying times are involved. 

InstaCradle cradles are made from recycled rubber to provide long lasting high-performance solutions with no maintenance required. The cradles themselves are also fully recyclable, thereby providing a genuine ‘cradle-to-cradle’ product. 

Other benefits of the system include: 

  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Can provide a void for services/underfloor heating.
  • Cradles are unaffected by water.
  • Cradles can be used in areas of abnormal loadings.
  • Can accept a range of floor finishes including ceramic tiles.
  • Hardwood floors can be unobtrusively nailed direct to timber battens.
  • Structural loadings minimised due to the light weight of the system.     

The InstaFloor cradle and batten system is designed either as a raised floor, accommodating underfloor services, or as a floor offering extremely high standards of acoustic performance. 

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