Interface nature-based flooring distributed by KBAC

Interface, the world’s largest modular flooring producer, selected South Africa as one of the first countries where the company’s two innovative eco-flooring ranges: ‘Equal Measure’ and ‘Near and Far’ were launched.

KBAC Flooring is the sole SA distributors of Interface.

Interface’s Equal Measure and Near and Far form part of the company’s ongoing biophilic ranges, such as Human Nature and Urban Retreat. The designs are all by the internationally-renowned designer, David Oakey, pioneer of flooring bio-mimicry who finds inspiration in the visual, tactile features found in forest floors, grassy fields and pebble garden paths.

Lesley Fidrmuc, Interface Consultant at KBAC, describes Equal Measure: “This new Interface range mimics a cobblestone street with a variety of natural stones, placed in patterns and arcs to enhance utility and beauty. Combining human and natural elements, Equal Measure is a collection of textures that move in different directions.

“Interface’s new Near and Far collection uses nature as source and inspiration to connect modern living with the physical world. The two textures in this range incorporate shade and hue in striations that run the length of the flooring, and also feature carving and depth in curvilinear movements. These features can be combined to add striking design elements.”

Near and Far is made with 100% recycled nylon, partly sourced from reclaimed fishing nets. When obsolete, the flooring can be recycled through Interface’s ReEntry environmental programme.


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