The acquisition of Europe’s popular Nora flooring by Interface – the world’s largest modular flooring producer – has brought the acclaimed high-quality rubber flooring to South Africa. KBAC Flooring, local distributors of the Interface range, are now the exclusive SA suppliers and installers of the full interface Nora range. 

Interface Nora rubber flooring is produced by Nora Systems GmbH, a leading German producer, which shares the same commitment to environmental preservation as Interface which is a pioneer in flooring sustainability. Interface Nora floors are flame-resistant, and do not contain any chlorine, nor PVC, phthalates or plasticisers. Natural colour pigments without any heavy metals or other toxic ingredients are used to manufacture the flooring and production waste from the manufacture of Interface floor coverings (e. g. abrasive dust or burrs) are now used as fillers or as design-adding granules.

Due to their dense non-porous rubber surfaces, and the fact that the rubber flooring is either grouted or seamlessly laid, Interface Nora floors repel germs and prevent bacterial propagation which makes them the ideal choice for the health care industry but the flooring also offers substantial benefits for sectors such as education, industry, shops, public buildings, offices, and transportation. 

Interface Nora slip-resistant flooring is dimensionally stable so it will never shrink, ensuring all seams are permanently sealed, and no torn or unsanitary joints are present on the surface which will remain permanently hygienic, a vital consideration for the healthcare, education, and food processing industries. For the retail sector, the flooring can be employed as an important architectural design element to create atmosphere, and arrange specific sales areas. Shoppers will also welcome the soft flooring and its ergonomic comfort which is easy on the backs and joints of customers as well as staff.

Another important benefit is Interface Nora flooring’s low maintenance costs as the surfaces are dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and do not require any waxing, or sealing. Basically, only water without any aggressive cleaning agents are required to clean the floors and, because of their elastic properties, the floors do not require any plasticisers, film or varnish, which means that they will never need coating and still look new after many years of use. 

The inclusion of Nora Systems GmbH into the Interface Carbon Neutral Floors programme means that Interface’s product portfolio of carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) – and now also Interface Nora rubber floor coverings – is carbon dioxide-neutral across the entire product lifecycle.


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