Interface, the world’s largest modular flooring producer and leader in flooring sustainability, has unveiled its latest collection, “Look Both Ways”, a collection that uses LVT and carpet tile to strikingly and effortlessly mimic concrete and terrazzo surfaces.

KBAC Flooring, now in its 50th year of operations, is the sole SA supplier of Interface flooring.

The latest carbon-neutral Interface collection offers designers a trendy concrete and terrazzo flooring appearance coupled with the acoustic, low-maintenance and high performance benefits of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and carpet tile.

Step in time – Indigo (carpet tile) & Walk the Aisle – Pumice (LVT)

With this new Interface flooring system, LVT and carpet (all 50 x 50cm) can be easily and efficiently installed side-by-side to achieve integrated flooring without transition strips. Furthermore, a variety of patterns, textures and colourways, allows for unlimited design combinations with eight products comprising four carpet tiles and four LVT designs.

Created by Interface Vice-president of Product Design, Kari Pei,and her team, “Look Both Ways” includes both hard surface and soft materials, and playful and serene designs, while balancing mineral-based colours with vibrant hues.

Pei explains: “’Look Both Ways’ designs provide a smooth transition from hard to soft surfaces. The collection’s approach to terrazzo and concrete features diversity of colour and texture while absorbing more sound than most alternative flooring offerings. Hard and soft, plush and flat, or pattern and solid – this collection offers all these different combinations.”

Step this way – Indigo
Walk the Aisle – Carbon
Step Aside – Coal

The new collection’s concrete-inspired carpet and LVT designs – such as “Step in Time”, “Step it Up”, “Step this Way”, “Walk of Life”, and “Walk About” – complement the liveliness of confetti-inspired “Step Aside” carpet tiles, “Walk the Aisle” LVT, and “Walk on By” LVT.

“In particular, ‘Walk on By’ offers a youthful lift within the collection, achieving a terrazzo-like aesthetic in both a bright and neutral colour combination,” Pei adds.

“Marrying purpose and function with design, ‘Look Both Ways’ brings together unlikely, but striking, combinations of materials that draw from both the natural and man-made. Monolithic textures denoting gravity and substance here live alongside joyful colour and light-hearted confetti to create the ultimate combination of hard and soft flooring that work together effortlessly,” she adds.

“Look Both Ways” provides flexibility in design without a damaging environmental footprint, as the carpet tile is made from recycled nylon. And, like all Interface products, the new collection is carbon neutral.


The new collection’s concrete-inspired carpet collection designs include;

“Step in Time”

“Step it Up”

“Step this Way”

“Step Aside”

The new collection’s concrete-inspired LVT collection designs include;

“Walk About”

“Walk of Life”

“Walk on By”

“Walk the Aisle”


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