Interface, the world’s largest producer of modular flooring, has launched a new carpet tile collection, Visual Code which combines 21st Century computerised technology with simple textures that recall traditional woven fabrics and rugs from a bygone era.

KBAC Flooring is the sole South African distributor for Interface, a global leader in sustainable production.

Interface’s new Visual Code collection feature 10 unique styles that coordinate –  yet vary widely – in colour, pattern and texture. The collection – designed to bond with the natural world and objects like high-touch hand-crafted materials and goods – is ideal for commercial interiors such as corporate offices, educational facilities and also for family living environments.

The collection is derived from merging digitally-inspired artistic trends, such as the manipulation of images, to achieve a colourful, purposely disarrayed appearance. This glitch effect, achieved by merging bold colours through computer technology, is known as “Technicolor Circuitry”.

With patterns that provide a “sensory experience”, the Visual Code collection features:

* Core textures – branded as Plain Stitch, Stitchery and Stitch Count;

Plain Stitch, Stitchery and Stitch Count

* Bold patterns and accents – labelled as Static Lines, Hard Drive, and Circuit Board; and

Static Lines & Hard Drive

* Black and white patterns – called Darning, Haptic, Overedge and Decibel. 

Darning, Overedge and Decibel

The Visual Code modular carpet collection is available in 25cm by 1m Skinny Planks ranging from flat to plush and even a “shag” style.

The collection can be installed on its own or to coordinate with existing and future Interface offerings (such as Drawn Lines, Interface’s luxury vinyl tile) to produce the flexibility required to create distinctive flooring with a seamless spread across soft and hard surfaces.

The collection’s designer, David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs and product designer exclusive to Interface, says he was inspired by the contrast between technology-overload and the human desire to be surrounded by more old-fashioned, hand-crafted environments. The new collection is his follow-up to the handcrafted trend first seen in the popular Interface-Oakey, World Woven collection. Oakey has now taken flooring’s role as the connection between staff and nature in the workplace further by creating Visual Code.

Oakey explains: “In a bewildering world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, robotics and all things ‘smart’, we are being deprived of organic and creative thinking. Visual Code takes us back to the natural world by combining today’s glitch effect with organic textures. This concept of joining simple grays with bold, bright and scrambled colours, while balancing the design in four striking black and white textures, promotes a light, creative experience. It adds calming qualities that mirror the natural world to offices, and also domestic environments.”

Visual Code, along with Interface’s complete portfolio of carpet and LVT, is carbon neutral through its entire lifecycle as part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors programme, achieved at no extra cost to customers. The Interface carbon neutral programme is verified annually by independent third-party auditors.


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