Leading Swedish woven nylon flooring producer, Bolon, has launched “Emerge”, a new solid base commercial collection in neutral colour shades, reminiscent of nature itself. The new range is woven with weft threads in both warm and cold shades to add texture and capture the natural changes in light and shadow of large flooring surfaces.

KBAC Flooring, established more than five decades ago, distributes the Bolon flooring range in South Africa.

Describing the new Emerge range, Klara Persson, Bolon’s head of Production Management, says: “We’ve gone back to the loom and created something that comes alive and lasts. We have looked at our existing collections and now, with Emerge, feel we have given the colour wheel a boost by creating neutral flooring in an unusual and exceptionally realistic manner. The new range’s neutral shades do not imitate existing material but have their own subtle identity, able to masterfully handle transition in flooring design.”

Developed to complement the materials most used by designers, the Emerge collection is anything but basic. It consists of one textured design in six different colours in shades of blue, green, grey, brown and beige, and comes in roll form, or as 50×50 cm tiles, or Bolon Studio tiles, allowing for unique design creativity.

Emerge is made from recycled material, is easy to maintain, has a high-performance classification (“33 Heavy Commercial), and a 15-year warranty.

Bolon launched the collection globally on January 11 this year employing a virtual reality (VR) solution, accessible to all design studios with suitable computer access to the revolutionary concept whereby users can explore a hotel, museum and office, all with flooring from the Emerge collection together with design pieces and unexpected features.  South African designers without access to VR can contact KBAC Flooring for demonstrations and full details of the new exciting range.

Annica Eklund, Bolon’s Chief Creative Officer, says: “We believe the timing is right to launch our new base collection globally simultaneously through VR. The new flooring is perfect for large public spaces so I am very pleased that we can offer customers a tool to explore our products in detail and to see them in a grander scale, without going to a physical space. We look forward to the response from the market.”

Boloun – founded in 1949 in Ulricehamn, Sweden –  first developed the concept of woven vinyl flooring which combines the warmth of textiles with the durability of vinyl. Woven vinyl flooring is now increasingly specified for large, high-traffic public areas where durability and ease of maintenance are as important as style and prestige. In Europe, the floors of several old buildings – including magnificent heritage structures – are now covered with woven vinyl, mainly because the product is so exceptionally robust and versatile.  


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