Interface, leading commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability, has unveiled two new rubber flooring designs particularly suited for “modern high-class offices” produced by its German subsidiary, Nora by Interface.

KBAC Flooring has for many years been the sole South African distributors of the entire Interface range of flooring. 

The two new Nora by Interface designs, Norament 926 Castello and Norament 926 Kivo, feature modern design aesthetics, ideal for designers striving for a lived-in and relaxed mood for commercial interiors. “The urban look is back in vogue, and the two new designs meet its creative requirements,” says Dirk Oswald, Head of Product & Brand Management for Nora Product Lines.

The marble design of Norament 926 Castello – a 3.5mm thick floor covering – is reminiscent of stylish limestone surfaces, adding a touch of classic luxury to the surroundings. Each tile is unique and features Nora’s newly-developed two-tone surface design with two different gloss levels. The colour palette includes eight elegant shades of grey and beige.

“Apart from its robustness, Norament 926 Castello performs particularly well in the fields of acoustics and ergonomics”, says Oswald. “With Nora’s permanently elastic material, less impact sound is generated compared to other resilient or hard flooring surfaces. This minimises disturbing noises and improves acoustics in interiors, especially in high-traffic areas. The flooring offers significantly more standing and walking comfort and studies show a reduction in occupants’ fatigue symptoms,” adds Oswald. 

Norament 926 Castello can be installed with wet adhesive but is also available in Nora’s special nTx version for even faster installation because of its pre-applied, solvent-free, self-adhesive that minimises preparatory work. 

The second new Nora design, Norament 926 Kivo, harmonises with Castello’s classical atmosphere. Its irregular grain design, with a slightly structured two-tone surface, was inspired by concrete surfaces and gives interiors an authentic urban and industrial look. The flooring adapts seamlessly to any mixture of steel, wood and exposed brick, and creates tremendous scope for creative designers. The 2.7mm thick floor is available in eight colours, ranging from warm beige to cool grey-blue tones. 

“This new rubber flooring offers many advantages and is ideal for offices, conference rooms and cafeterias where Nora’s quality and modern appearance will combine to create functional industrial appearances,” concludes Oswald.

The two new designs are – in line with all Interface flooring products – certified carbon neutral through the Interface Carbon Neutral Floors program, at no extra cost to customers. After its acquisition by Interface, the Nora rubber plant in Mannheim has been continuously working to avoid or reduce CO2 emissions in line its parent company’s pioneering emphasis on sustainability.  

Manufactured in Germany for over 70 years, Nora rubber flooring has a functional life cycle that lasts for decades. The dense surface of the rubber floors are easy to clean and meet high hygienic standards –  important in an pandemic era where healthy living is now a top priority. 


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