The Vanguard Collection, a leading brand of exclusive flooring products available throughout the African continent, has launched the new Fabrics Collection to add to its already impressive range of commercial vinyl and carpeting floor coverings.  

Vanguard’s new Fabrics Collection has drawn on the latest technological developments in carpet tile production to produce two exciting new designs, Tweed 2.0 and Canvas, offered in complementary colour palettes for designers to seamlessly create attractive flooring. The two new ranges furthermore allow for effortless demarcation of the various zones in the workplace – a very important design facet of the post-pandemic era in all offices and commercial space.  

Tweed 2.0 comprise planks measuring 25cm by 100cm, and Canvas is available as a 50cm by 50cm carpet tile. The two ranges are competitively priced while still featuring the benefits and popularity of flooring produced with a 100% Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) yarn. In the solution dyeing of carpet fibres, dyes are added to the molten polymer before extrusion into a coloured filament. This means that the filament is impregnated with the colour pigment all the way through. This factor, combined with tight construction technology, means that both Tweed 2.0 and Canvas have achieved a Location Grade 5 “Heavy Commercial” wear rating.  

The Vanguard Fabrics Collection will add a clean, sophisticated look to any flooring and is yet another update to the original Vanguard Collection which was launched in 2016 with only four ranges. Its continually growing popularity, however, has inspired several additions: The Vanguard Collection now has four LVT ranges and eight different carpet offerings in an ever-increasing and impressive array of products for both the commercial and residential client. 

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