As offices slowly reopen and designers face increasing requests for new developments or modified flooring, KBAC Flooring is especially fielding increasing demand for three popular and flexible Interface carpet tiles ranges: Interface’s Employ Loop and Lines collection, as well as the tranquillity offered by Interface Ice Breaker flooring. 

KBAC is the sole South African distributor and installer of the globally-acclaimed Interface modular flooring. 

Interface Employ Loop is particularly useful now that offices need compartmentalisation. The Loop range offers a clean seamless look which nevertheless allows designers to create different zones in open workspaces by combining different colourways. 

Employ Loop is offered in 24 colours, ranging from neutral to bright. Designers can choose neutral browns and greys, a variety of subdued blue tones while, for the more adventurous, there are brighter red and orange options. This tufted level loop pile carpet offers subtle colour tone variations for added depth and effect and can also be applied wall-to-wall to resemble broadloom flooring.  

Employ Lines, available in eight colours, is another range now rapidly being added to the KBAC order books. This range can be aesthetically combined with Interface Employ Loop and, in fact, features four colours from the Loop range to add playful scope to design elements. Robust enough for areas where castor chairs are in regular use, Employ Lines can be used to connect different shades of Employ Loop, or on its own as a dynamic statement. Furthermore, Employ Lines’ strong slip-resistance and high fire-resistant ratings, makes it the ideal choice for safe office installations. 

The creation of subtle office pathways, another recommended innovation for post-pandemic workplaces, is another benefit of Employ Lines which is an exceptionally hard-wearing carpet tile that can be installed in either a non-directional, quarter-turn or monolithic fashion. 

Finally, KBAC Flooring is also experiencing strong demand for economical Interface Ice Breaker “calming flooring” which mimics scratched ice to add gradient shapes and natural flow to flooring.  Available in nine grey and neutral tones – and in 50cm x 50cm squares – the tiles can be applied in a non-directional pattern or used with LVTs or Interface Nora rubber flooring to create serene yet striking spaces.  With that serenity comes special acoustics to augment tranquillity at work, achieved by Ice Breaker’s special backing options that improve under-foot comfort and reduce sound. 


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