A total of over 2 750m2 of flooring from The Vanguard Collection was supplied and installed by KBAC Flooring at the Lombard offices at 22 Wellington Road. The Vanguard Collection ranges selected by Interior Quality comprised:

* Granite carpet tiles in Ash colour with special EOS felt backing for optimum acoustic quality;

* Flagstone luxury vinyl planks in Brazilian Grey colour;

Plantation luxury vinyl plant in White Pine colour; and

Parquet stick-down LVTs, also in White Pine colour.

Belinda Hughes, of Interior Quality, says the look and feel of the Lombard office floors installation called for a concrete appearance.  “But because the open plan environment brief required an acoustically sound environment, we had to search for a carpet tile that met the acoustic demands as well as the appearance of concrete.  The Vanguard Collection ranges gave us exactly what we needed and more: the flooring provided good texture, lush appeal, and exceptional acoustics were achieved by The Vanguard Collection providing carpet tiles with a special EOS felt backing to increase the tiles’ standard acoustic qualities.  The flooring made the office environment intriguing, inviting clients to enter and see more.”

Belinda says The Vanguard Collection carpet tiles were selected for the open-plan areas for factors that include:

o Acoustic value – enhanced by custom-fitted EOS felt backing on the carpet tiles;

o Ease of churn, when applicable; and

o Ease of replacement, if soiled.

Vanguard Flagstone luxury vinyl planks were selected for the Lombard coffee shop because the concrete appearance was entirely appropriate in this area and the large format of the tiles belied the fact that it is a vinyl floor. “Furthermore, vinyl tiles instead of ceramic flooring make sense for a tenant who is renting a space: uplifting to ensure ‘white box reinstatement’ on lease termination are simple with stick-down tiles,” Belinda explains.

Adam Kotze, of Interior Quality, says The Vanguard Plantations vinyl plank range was selected for the Lombard office tea stations because:

o These were small, multiple areas within the open plan;

o The limited floor space called for a plank tile to suit the application; and

o There was a need for an easy-to-clean floor.

Some of the many benefits Interior Quality found in The Vanguard Collection were aesthetics, affordability, ease of installations, and the fact that Vanguard offers new and exciting ranges continuously.

Belinda also praised The Vanguard Collection’s supplier and installers, KBAC Flooring. “We have worked together for many years, building a strong, reliable working relationship. We find all the KBAC teams helpful, friendly and accommodating –  from marketing to sales to installation. The after-sales service provided, ability to resolve queries and questions are also impressive,” Belinda adds.

When all had been said and done, Interior Quality had a happy client.

Adam adds: “The exceptional office acoustics ensured by The Vanguard Collection providing carpet tiles with custom-made EOS felt backing, have greatly pleased our client. Feedback generally has been extremely positive: the staff are inspired at work and enjoy coming to the new offices every day. Our mission to ensure that the workplace was a home away from home has been a success.”


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