Dolomite, a new exciting carpet tile collection inspired by warm mineral colours to remind office workers of the home offices they have left behind, has been launched by Interface.

The new range, which innovatively employs carpet tile in a broadloom fashion, is now available from Interface’s sole South African distributors, KBAC Flooring.

Mandy Leeming, Design Director for Interface Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia (EAAA), says the striking feature of Dolomite is its “luxurious simplicity”. She adds: “The new collection brings to life the form and texture found in natural minerals and uses biophilic design principles to support a more healthy and productive environment for office workers as they make their way back to pre-pandemic workspaces.”

Dolomite – Aventurine

The transition from home office to the workplace will be smooth as Mandy says the light and shade of mineral and metallic colours are frequently encountered in home décor, including home offices. “These raw and earthy tones is now likely to be embellished by colour for commercial flooring,” she predicts.

The new Dolomite carpet tile collection includes the warmth and richness of 12 mineral-inspired tones: Amber, Aventurine, Azurite, Crystal, Diamond, Golden Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Obsidian, Pearl and Rose Quartz. Installed in a monolithic pattern, the Dolomite Collection provides the response to increasing demand from the market to employ the benefits of carpet tile in a way that resembles broadloom carpet.

Dolomite Collection has a total recycled and bio-based content of 92% with CQuestBio, the company’s new non-vinyl, non-bitumen backing, as standard backing. When combined with Interface luxury vinyl tiles(LVT) or Nora rubber floors, Dolomite creates a serene and comfortable interior finish.

By specifying Dolomite, and other flooring products from Interface, designers will furthermore ensure that their clients select carpet tile, LVT and Nora rubber flooring that is carbon neutral across its full product life cycle through Interface’s third-party verified “Carbon Neutral Floors” programme.


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