By Jan de Beer 

Wineo Purline, an innovative, ultra-sustainable and organic type of plastic commercial flooring developed in Germany, which has taken the global design fraternity by storm, is now available in South Africa.   

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, KBAC Flooring – with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town – sources the resilient German flooring made from renewable and natural raw materials. 

Wineo Purline – lovingly dubbed “designed by nature, refined by science” – has as main component an exceptionally sustainable high-performance, bio-based polyurethane based on a new element known as “Ecuran”. This unique material is derived mainly from plant-based oils such as canola or castor oil and naturally-occurring mineral components such as chalk. 

Bio-polyurethane, one of the highest quality plastics in the world, is versatile, resistant to wear and solvents, chemicals and weather effects. It is commonly used in, for example, the automotive and furniture industry, the health care sector and for sports equipment and adds unprecedented durabile qualities to a flooring product. 

So, after years of development and research by the German producers, the petrochemical raw materials in flooring has now been replaced by a safe biochemical alternative. Wineo Purline is totally free of odours, chlorine, solvents, or plasticisers and has already received seven internationally-recognised design awards including GREENGUARD Gold Certification and the world-renowned “Cradle to Cradle” certification. 

The new flooring combines design and functionality to create warm, inviting spaces that can sustain the most demanding commercial environments. An ideal choice for healthcare and high-traffic settings, the collection is five times more durable than vinyl flooring products, with maximum hygiene ensured by a non-porous polyurethane top surface.  This is a vital feature for installation in health care centres and hospitals and also required by the hospitality sector as well as educational institutions or any facility subjected to high foot traffic.  

Wineo Purline is resistant to stains and scratching. It retains its stability under heavy weight and has excellent recovery capacity after load removal. Furthermore, cleaning the floors does not require waxing, buffing or stripping: loose dirt can be removed simply by sweeping, vacuuming or damp wiping.

Due to its tightly closed and wear-resistant polyurethane top layer and the entire product’s structure, Wineo Purline in glued format is ideal for damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The new flooring is available in three formats: rolls, planks and tiles and over 120 naturally-inspired colourways and stunning authentic wood and stone looks. 


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